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Ben McKechnie                        Clinical Psychologist

Ben works with adults and adolescents experiencing a range of emotional and mental health difficulties, including anxiety, depression, persistent sadness, grief, difficult life changes and health problems. Ben is also experienced helping people with longstanding problems with relationships, instability with their emotions and self-damaging behaviours. Sometimes these problems are called ‘personality difficulties’. 

Ben's style is warm and caring.  He understands that people often experience issues that can be hard to talk about, and knows that there are always good reasons for these struggles. For this reason, Ben's approaches each person’s story and circumstances with curiosity and compassion.  

Outside of his role at Birch Psychology, Ben work as a senior clinician in a hospital outpatient mental health service.  Ben's initial clinical training focused on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). He has since completed further training in Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT). CAT is based on the understanding that emotional difficulties and mental health problems often arise because of problematic relationship patterns in our life; whether that be relationships with other people or how we relate to ourselves.  

In therapy, Ben will work with you to help you understand how these patterns have come to be, so there is room to consider options for change. These can be the seeds for developing a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Ben consults from our Fitzroy North clinic.