Brendan Lloyd Psychologist.jpeg

Brendan Lloyd

Brendan provides therapy for individuals presenting with a wide range of mental health and life issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, complex grief, identity issues, and post traumatic stress. Brendan has experience working in various settings including hospitals, mental health clinics, and emergency services.

Brendan has extensive experience providing therapy for survivors of trauma, and assisting clients to move through post traumatic reactions using Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolong Exposure for post-traumatic stress disorder. He has published research on a number of topics, including stigma surrounding mental health, and how early experiences can shape adulthood mental health issues. Brendan enjoys working with LGBTIQ people and those from diverse cultures and communities.

Brendan approaches his clients with compassion and authenticity to help work through their patterns of responding to thoughts and feelings. He assists clients to understand factors that contribute to their problems, while teaching practical strategies that assist people to thrive once therapy has ended. Brendan draws from a range of evidence based therapies and interventions taking into consideration their individual needs and circumstances. This includes Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapies.

Brendan consults from our Fitzroy North clinic