It is natural to feel nervous prior to your first appointment with a psychologist. This page aims to alleviate some common concerns and prepare you for your first session at Birch Psychology.

Each session will run for 50 minutes, and we find that the best outcomes usually follow weekly sessions.

Prior to your first session, you will receive information about Birch Psychology and a consent form that outlines important information about fees, confidentiality and our privacy policy. Psychological therapy is completely confidential, with certain exceptions that will be explained to you before therapy commences.

At your first appointment, your information will be reviewed, and we will explain the way we work and answer any questions you may have.

The first session is an opportunity for you to explain the reasons you are seeking psychological treatment, and for us to begin getting to know you. We will ask questions regarding your current experience. We will also explore your background, such as family, relationships and significant experiences. This is all to help us understand some of the things that might be contributing to how you are currently coping, and decide the best approach to meeting your goals.

There is often a lot to cover in this first session, and it is typical for it to take one or two sessions to get through all the information. Most people find this initial meeting a helpful first step.