At Birch Psychology we believe that every person experiences times in their life when they can benefit from extra help. Much like the birch tree, we aim to support you to be strong, flexible and resilient, in order to withstand life’s challenges. We help individuals build on their strengths to better manage their symptoms, current stresses and relationships, and to get the most out of life.

At Birch Psychology we care. All our Psychologists take a professional, warm and caring approach to assessing your current problems, and work with you to achieve your desired outcomes from therapy. Our Psychologists have over 10 years' experience helping people overcome mental health concerns, enabling them to build full and meaningful lives.

At Birch Psychology we believe that everyone can benefit from learning skills to manage the various difficulties that can arise across the lifespan, whether these be large or small. We hope to provide each person who comes to Birch with support and encouragement to maintain positive mental health and wellbeing.